Le Touquet Restaurants

There is a great choice of bars restaurants and bistro’s in the grand beach resort of Le Touquet Paris Plage. The literal translation being Paris Beach. Local fresh fish is a specialty. But you will also find mouth watering French gastronomy abound.

Mussels-Moules Mariner


Chez Perard

67 rue de Metz, 62520 Le Touquet – Paris-Plage, +33 3 21 05 13 33

One of the oldest and most loved restaurants in Le Touquet. No visit to the town is complete without sampling its famous fish soup. The Soup created by its owner  Serge Perard in the 1960’s is now sold to many high end supermarkets worldwide. A terrace of 90 seats and the amazing oyster bar lure you in to sample the delights.  Croquettes de Crevettes, Lobster, Salmon Tagliatelle, Sushi, and Le Grande Plateau the quality of all the food served here is superb, you  will have a wonderful experience.
The restaurant is very busy so makes sure you pre book especially at the weekends. 

How the Perard  Soupe de Poissons is made.


Le Paris

Restaurant LE PARIS 88 Rue de Metz Le Touquet  Paris-Plage  Téléphone: 

Located on rue de Metz in Le Touquet, a short walk  from the beach, the restaurant welcomes you in a contemporary decor. You will enjoy traditional dishes rich in flavor and creativity.  

The owners are charming and speak excellent English which makes you feel very at home on arrival.
The choice of dishes is not vast – but covers every taste.  Service is impeccable and the pricing is very reasonable given the quality of the place and its food.
High in Protein and low in fat the Romans considered escargot an elite food,
In more recent times the edible snail is the star of French cuisine. The snails are removed from their shells, and cooked with garlic butter, chicken soup or wine. To serve they are then placed back into the shells with the butter and sauce for serving. Garlic, thyme, parsley and pine nuts are often also added to enhance the flavour. Special snail tongs and snail forks help you with this delicacy.

Espujos Chez Lio & Stef​

Within walking distance of several of our properties this is a great place to eat. Opened on the first of August 2016 with the aim of creating a convivial and refined space the menu is based on quality homemade dishes. 
Its very relaxed with a come as you are atmosphere the hosts will take very  good care of you.
There are two great terraces front and rear which are very cozy. One of which is landscaped with flowers all year round.
I am sure you will enjoy a delicious dinner served by genuine lovely hosts who couldn’t be more helpful. Everything tastes fresh and is presented beautifully, delicious wine to accompany every meal a treat to find.

Cucq Restuarant Steph


Le Roma

66 Rue de Londres Le Touquet – Paris-Plage, +33 3 21 05 26 25
All Italian restaurants should be like this. The owners use genuine fresh ingredients and the taste is fantastic. Simple food cooked to perfection in a friendly environment. The kids will love the Pizaa and will be asking “can we have the extra large size next time”. Your welcome will be warm and accommodating with charming and efficient service. Whenever you visit you do feel they respect their reputation and expect you to return.
Italian Restaurant Le Touquet
Italian cuisine is characterised by its simplicity, often using only two or four ingredients. The quality of the ingredients is more important than the sophisticated construction of a dish.
The 10 key ingredients include:- 
Olive Oil,  Canned Tomatoes, Pasta, Garlic, Basil, Oregano, Balsamic Vinegar, Parmesan/Grana Padano, Wine and Capers
You will find approximately 350 different types of pasta available in the world and at least that many names for them. A good example is Farfalle pasta often called “butterfly” or “Bowtie” pasta due to its shape. Chiefs use different shapes and sizes of pasta for different purposes. The shape and size of the pasta generally lets you know what will work best. Thin stranded pasta such as Angel Hair, Spaghetti, Capellini and Spaghettini work best with light sauces, using tomato, garlic and olive oil. The strands get coated and are easy to eat with a fork.


Burger Fermier

49 Rue De Calais, Le Touquet – Paris-Plage, France +33 3 21 05 27 21

The place to go for an Amazing Burger and chips where you can design your own burger to order. Burger Fermier has a great selection of wines beer and cider. The Burgers are delicious and sumptuous. Have it your way,  rare through to well done the choice is yours. There is a good selection of cheeses which you can add to your burger in staggering quantities. The chips were fresh and fluffy and wouldn’t be out of place in a quality English Chippy. No stingy portion sizes here you will leave happy and content.


Burger_Chips Le Touquet

Dining out on a budget in Le Touquet can be an expensive necessity but this restaurant will save you money and delight the children.
A warm welcome from the friendly staff completes the dining experience.

French - Out Of Town

Le Relais de Saint Josse

17 Grand Place, 62170 Saint Josse Sur Mer, France +33 3 21 94 61 75
Le Relais de Saint Josse, in the pretty village of St Josse is a short 20 minute drive from the centre of Le Touquet.
This is our personal recomendation of where to eat if you are visting the Le Touquet area.
We have known Pascale for many years, since we first bought our holiday rental property in St Josse.  
Le Relais StJosse sur mer

Photo Courtesy Le Relais

The service is impeccable and if you need help with the menu no problem just ask… they speak English. All the food is fresh and seasonal, so there is a great choice of dishes even on the set menus.
Le Relais offers a relaxed atmosphere and is a great choice of venue for celebrating a family reunion or similar occasion. If you stay in our rental property they wlll even come and deliver – complete with china crockery.
Happy generous people who have helped us over the years which spills over to all there clients.
Le Relais de Saint Josse

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