The Best Water Sports in Le Touquet

Wakeboarding Le Touquet

Some of the best water sports in Le Touquet are to found right on the beach. With the introduction of the wake boarding pool its thrills and excitement all the way. A new sensational aquatic sports activity is born.
The Le Touquet Wake Park is a pool 25m wide and 100m long. Beginners and professionals can learn and improve their wake boarding. A water sport that combines the techniques of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The boarder is towed by a water ski cable and slides on the water while ideally staying on a the board.

Wake Boarding Tricks

Unlike other water sports such as surfing or kite surfing, wake boarding has a relatively steep learning curve. But once you have fallen off quite a few times you will be feeling confident and want to try some tricks.
With trick names like Fruit Loop, Slurpee and Special K you could be forgiven for believing you were reading a Le Touquet Cocktail menu.

Some of the simpler wake boarding manoeuvres to get you started are:

Surfing the Wake
Crossing the Wake
Surface 180 – Surface spins are a great way to branch into the world of beginners wakeboarding tricks. You don’t leave the surface of the water, so it is ideal for getting more comfortable on the board before taking things further
Surface 360 – Once you’ve got 180s mastered string your front and back 180’s together.
Ollie – A nice trick for beginners learning to jump, a foundation for all other tricks.
Tail Grab – Grabbing the board with your hand while in the air.

Even if you don’t feel like having a go the Wake Park is a great place to spend an hour or so watching some great sport.

Wakeboard Action

Le Touquet Wake Park is open daily from April until November.  The pool is resurrected every year being a  temporary construction. So you won’t see it when visiting for the Enduro beach race at the end of January.

Information and reservations at the Bertrand Lambert Channel Nautical Center 
Boulevard Jules Pouget –


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