Easter Egg Hunt – Le Touquet Events

Easter Egg Hunt – Le Touquet

The big FREE Easter Egg Hunt in Le Touquet takes place on Sunday 1st April at 10 am.
 Parc des Pins, Avenue de Verger

With Easter  almost upon us excitement grows with thoughts of Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. Children’s anticipation mounts as  chocolate mountains flash before starry eyes. Where technology is king it’s refreshing to see that Easter Egg Hunts still attract big crowds. In the UK Cadbury the famous chocolate company join forces with the Natural Trust to sponsor 250 events  this year. In France The Centre des Monuments Nationaux, sponsored by Cémoi, hold Easter egg hunts at many national monuments on Easter Sunday. The French love affair with chocolate is quite staggering with some 13,000 tonnes of chocolate sold at Easter.

So what is the history of chocolate Easter eggs?

Lets step back one stage, Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?

In many cultures the egg represent a symbol of new life, fertility and rebirth. For Christians the egg is symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The first Easter Eggs were duck or hen eggs decorated in the home with local dyes and paints. Chocolate eggs are a relative newcomer to the Easter story not appearing until the 19th Century. France and Germany pioneered the new and exciting chocolate market that we see today.

The ultimate eggs crafted by Carl Fabergé are now worth millions. Tsar Alexander III commissioned the first egg as a gift to his wife, the Empress Maria Fedorovna. 50 other eggs were given by the Russian Royal family of which only 43 survive.
So what are some key French Phrases that you may need when you are deciphering the clues on your local hunt.

Joyeuses Pâques or Bonnes Pâques – Happy Easter

Vacances de Pâques – Easter holidays

Lundi de Pâques – Easter Monday

Dimanche de Pâques – Easter Sunday

Vendredi Saint – Good Friday

Jeudi Saint – Maundy Thursday

Le Carême – Lent

Pâques fleuries – Palm Sunday or Easter in Flower.

Spare a thought for the volunteer Mums and Dads who work hard to come up with the ideas. Here are a few Easter Egg Hunt clues to help you on your way.

You don’t have to search very long or far this is where we keep the car.

I have four legs but cannot walk you sit at me and use your knife and fork.

Look where things are fresh and cold it stops the food from growing old.

If you are thinking of a short break to Le Touquet this Easter we still have some availability.
Often our villas and apartments can work out cheaper than a Le Touquet Hotel.

Please visit our website for the latest information.

Le Touquet Easter Egg Hunt Location

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