I Found The Best Bakery in Le Touquet

French Bread Le Touquet
If you are staying at one of our holiday rentals then you will inevitably want to buy some  bread. On a sunny morning walk nothing  beats the smell of fresh bread wafting in the air. This is one of the delights of breakfast in France.
The French seem to have some magical recipe for making baguettes that is never accomplished in other countries.
The Bakery Fred is my favourite patisserie in the town.  You will remember the baguettes or wands as one of the best you have ever eaten.
The crumbs are airy, the crust crunchy without being too hard, no need to break your teeth on any chewy hard bits.
Sunday morning’s queue of anxious customers speaks volumes for this bakeries popularity.
From the street, you can see the master baker at work and the batches follow to please the long line of regulars and tourists.

The Viennese Pastries are amazing!

Viennese pastries Le Touquet
If you thought there was only one type of baguette think again.  There is a choice of 5 at Fred’s. If you find the Retro wand too small or are feeling hungry then opt for the “go large” Chef’s Baguette which is twice as big as the Retro Baguette.
Types of Baguette
Baguette Rétrodor
Baguette Rétro au sésame
Baguette aux lardons
Baguette viennoise
Baguette du chef – Twice as much fun as the Retro Baguette
A great place for fantastic bread – They even have a loyalty card.
Address : 111 Rue de Metz, 62520 Touquet-Paris-Plage, France
Hours :Open ⋅ Closes 7:30 PM
Phone : +33 3 21 05 10 09

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