A List Of Emergency Numbers In Le Touquet

Fire Fighters Le Touquet

If you are visiting Le Touquet it is always useful to know these emergency numbers. This will help you be prepared and stay safe in the event of an accident or emergency. Know who to call if you encounter an emergency situation.

European Emergency Assistance Number 112

If you are not sure which number to call then, dial the European Emergency Number at 112. Operators answering this number will be able to communicate with you in French or in English, and will redirect your call to the appropriate emergency service.

French Emergency Numbers




Hearing Assisted European Emergency Number


Fire/Rescue, Ambulance or the Police



Fire, Extreme Burns, Road Accident



Burglary, Violence, Theft

Ambulance SAMU (Service d’aide medicale urgente – ambulance)


Chest Pain, Coma Stokes, Burns

Maritime Emergency/Coastguard


Distress or Emergency at Sea

Child Protection


Report a child in danger.

Aeronautical Emergencies


Aircraft in Distress

What Information Will they need during my Emergency Call

The most important thing is to try and remain calm and be as concise and clear as possible. This will help the emergency services to assess  the best way to help you.

Who – State your name and Phone Number are you a victim or witness.
Why – What has happened and number of people involved.
When – How long have you been at the scene is there danger still present.
Where – Precise directions to the scene of the incident.


One of the larger hospitals close to Le Touquet is in Berck sur mer. Always contact the emergency services in the first instance.

Address:Rue du Docteur Victor-Ménard , Berck-sur-mer 62600 , France.

Half Term Holidays October – Where to Go

Half Term Holidays October Le Touquet

Now the school summer holidays are  behind us it’s time to start thinking about your next get away for the October Half Term School holidays. We have some great holiday rental deals available for a short break or a full weeks stay.  The weather is still good and Le Touquet in northern France is a quick and easy get away. Le Touquet has lots to offer with many local attractions still open, without the queue’s of the busy summer months. Experience great French cuisine and a wonderful beach that stretches for 120 km’s  along the Opal Coast. We have a selection of properties available ranging from central  apartments to larger villas sleeping up to 18 people.

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