Le Touquet Railway Station – Etaples

Railway Le Touquet

Etaples railway station is the closest to Le Touquet. Gare de Étaples serves Etaples and Le Touquet, both in the Pas-de-Calais department, northern France. The station is located in the centre of Étaples.

Railway Station Services
The railway station is served by the TER Nord-Pas-de-Calais and TER Picardie (services between Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Arras, and services between Lille and Calais). It also sees Intercity services between Paris Gare du Nord and Boulogne-Sur-Mer via Abbeville.

To travel by Train to Le Touquet you have a couple of options.
Take the Eurostar train service from London (or Ashford) to Lille. For Le Touquet use the local train service to reach Etaples sur Mer station, then take a bus or Taxi to Le Touquet. Alternatively, take a train to Dover, then the ferry to Calais, and take a local train from Calais Frethun to Etaples sur Mer, then take a bus or taxi to Le Touquet.

Le Touquet to Etaples Railway Station Bus Timetable.

Driving In France – Tips

Driving In France Le Touquet Road Crossing

Driving In France

With the recent introduction of the first 3D road crossing in France pedestrians enter a new era. The 3D crossing in Cysoing Northern France is being used to persuade motorist to slow down.
In France waiting on the pavement by a crossing is a waste of time. In order to get drivers to stop you have to put at least 1 or maybe even 2 steps into the road to secure your safe passage.
Zebra crossings in France are rarely marked or illuminated. They often do not have a central island.

In a recent visit to Le Touquet I was impressed with the novel way in which many crossings are being marked. A reflective Red and Blue person is resident stepping onto the crossing on each side of the road. In the dark these cheerful figures show up in your headlights and give drivers a better chance to stop. With the installation of these figures motorists have advanced warning of a crossing.
Drivers who fail to observe pedestrian crossings can expect to have six points added to their driving licence.

Driving In France Le Touquet Road Crossing Blue Man

Driving In France - General Tips

Drivers often don’t stop – so don’t start walking – unless you’re feeling very brave. French pedestrians often cross at odd points along the road with no zebra crossing so be wary. Often you will find crossings at the exit from roundabouts, exactly where drivers are looking to speed up, so take extra care.

What Does Rappel on a French road sign mean?

Rappel is a reminder that speed restrictions are still in place, stick to the specified limit until you see a different speed sign.

Drive on the right

This should be obvious but many accidents are caused this way every year. Pay particular attention if you are doing a U turn close to a junction. It sounds silly put stick a post it note on your dashboard “Drive on the Right!

Priority on the right

In France when you enter an urban area you will need to give priority to the right. This is a strange rule that we all just have to remember. You must give way to motorists turning onto the road you are on, and in the direction you are travelling.

What driving equipment do I need in France?

You’ll need a full driving licence, insurance and car registration documents. You also need to have with you a warning triangle, headlight adaptors to drive on the right, and a sticker showing your country of origin. With Brexit on the horizon it may also be advisable to obtain an international driving licence from your local post office.

What is the national speed limit in France?

On French motorways the limit is 130km/h,  on certain sections of road this reduces to 110km/h. When it’s raining speed limits are lowered and a 130km/h limit will be reduced to 110km/h.

Do I need a GB sticker to drive in France?

Yes unless you have a GB logo as part of an EU number plate.

Pedestrian Crossing France

Do I need my v5 Registration Document to drive in France?

Yes you will need your V5 UK certificate of registration.

Do I need to change my headlights when driving in France?

It is important to deflect your headlight beams right to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. Stick on adaptor kits are readily available for all makes of cars. The fitting instructions are sometimes difficult to understand so it’s worth reading these in advance. By reading in advance you’ll find it much easier if you have to fit them whilst on the car deck of a cross channel ferry. If you do need to buy headlight beam adaptors then order them in advance from online retailers. You will be charged around £10 on the ferry – online prices are around £3.50.
Many modern cars allow you to adjust the direction of your headlights by flipping a switch.

Do I need spare bulbs to drive in France?

Whilst this is a good idea it is not a legal requirement.

Do I need to carry a breathalyser in France?

Yes and No, this was for a short period a legal requirement but the law has changed. You are still required to carry them but you cannot be fined for not having them. Obviously it’s a useful thing to have in your car if you are in any doubt about the alcohol levels in your system. Single use items are readily available online – but if you have them for a while be sure to regularly check the expiry date. You are allowed a maximum of 0.5mg/ml of alcohol per litre in your blood, compared to 0.8mg/ml in the UK.

European Break Down Cover.

Check your current cover is valid for France. You can often upgrade or take another policy. There are many deals available depending on the level of cover required, shop around for the best deal.

Are Sat Navs illegal in France?

Using a Sat Nav in France is completely legal but check the speed camera notifications. French law dictates that motorists must not use sat navs which can actively warn of speed camera locations. Garmin has official statements on their website describing exactly the steps required to make your device legal in France. The Tom Tom radar service is not available in France. Google have confirmed that speed camera warnings will not be available to users in France.

Can I use dash cam in France?

Yes but, recorded evidence must only be sent directly to the police.

If you are planning on staying at our holiday homes in Le Touquet then please visit our Parking In Le Touquet page.


Air Bnb in Le Touquet

Aqualud Water Park Outside

Air Bnb in Le Touquet has many holiday villas and apartments to rent. Started 10 years ago Air BnB has become a major player in the private room and holiday rental market.  With novel ideas and practices they have changed the way in which we all book our holiday accommodation. Instead of owners paying a flat fee to advertise most Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s) now charge a percentage to the owner for every booking plus a service charge to the guest.

How Much Am I Really Paying For My Air BnB Rental

If you enquire about an Air BnB in Le Touquet the breakdown of pricing when you book is very clear.  But what could you be paying by booking direct with the owner ? or maybe its cheaper via another advertiser?  The truth; its’ that pesky service fee that all the OTA’s charge to cover their costs and make profit which bumps up the cost of your holiday. Nothing wrong with that,  they are in business and need to make a profit. But how is the service fee derived for a guest? it is unclear how this is calculated.

As a holiday home owner in Le Touquet this time of year see’s us updating prices and checking our advertising for the busy holiday rental booking season. It is generally reported that most sites see around a 17% increase in the level of enquiries between Boxing day and the end of January.
Typically we check our prices across all the advertising channels.  Looking at one of our properties for a weekend in March 2019 revealed a range of service fees.

The service fee from Home Away was £68.40 and Air BnB £90.   So that’s what the holiday maker will pay as an additional charge.  But don’t forget the fee that Home Away and Air BnB charge the owner for each booking. Typically 5% for Home Away  and 3% for Air BnB. So on this £500 example rental that would be £25 for Home Away and £15 for Air BnB.  So booking via Home Away or Air BnB in Le Touquet is unlikely to be the cheapest option available. 

Avoid Paying an Air BnB Service Fee

So wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay a service fee?  In my £500 rental example above you would have paid approximately £400 for the same property booked direct on our website.
You will receive a very personal service and be able to talk to us directly before booking so that you are 100% happy. 
To check all of our prices and availability for next year please visit our booking page.

Money Le Touquet Holidays

A List Of Emergency Numbers In Le Touquet

Fire Fighters Le Touquet

If you are visiting Le Touquet it is always useful to know these emergency numbers. This will help you be prepared and stay safe in the event of an accident or emergency. Know who to call if you encounter an emergency situation.

European Emergency Assistance Number 112

If you are not sure which number to call then, dial the European Emergency Number at 112. Operators answering this number will be able to communicate with you in French or in English, and will redirect your call to the appropriate emergency service.

French Emergency Numbers




Hearing Assisted European Emergency Number


Fire/Rescue, Ambulance or the Police



Fire, Extreme Burns, Road Accident



Burglary, Violence, Theft

Ambulance SAMU (Service d’aide medicale urgente – ambulance)


Chest Pain, Coma Stokes, Burns

Maritime Emergency/Coastguard


Distress or Emergency at Sea

Child Protection


Report a child in danger.

Aeronautical Emergencies


Aircraft in Distress

What Information Will they need during my Emergency Call

The most important thing is to try and remain calm and be as concise and clear as possible. This will help the emergency services to assess  the best way to help you.

Who – State your name and Phone Number are you a victim or witness.
Why – What has happened and number of people involved.
When – How long have you been at the scene is there danger still present.
Where – Precise directions to the scene of the incident.


One of the larger hospitals close to Le Touquet is in Berck sur mer. Always contact the emergency services in the first instance.

Address:Rue du Docteur Victor-Ménard , Berck-sur-mer 62600 , France.

Half Term Holidays October – Where to Go

Half Term Holidays October Le Touquet

Now the school summer holidays are  behind us it’s time to start thinking about your next get away for the October Half Term School holidays. We have some great holiday rental deals available for a short break or a full weeks stay.  The weather is still good and Le Touquet in northern France is a quick and easy get away. Le Touquet has lots to offer with many local attractions still open, without the queue’s of the busy summer months. Experience great French cuisine and a wonderful beach that stretches for 120 km’s  along the Opal Coast. We have a selection of properties available ranging from central  apartments to larger villas sleeping up to 18 people.

Le Touquet Parking

Car Parking Le Touquet

Le Touquet Parking

Parking in Le Touquet is not normally a problem with a number of options available.
There are large car parks down by the beach that span the entire length of the promenade. Within the town if you want to just stop, pick up or drop there are a few monitored bays close to the main shops. These bays are free for one hour. They have a bollard with a countdown display that starts ticking as soon as you drive up. In theory they phone home to alert the police when the hour is up.

There is plenty of other on street parking within Le Touquet where the price varies depending on which zone you park in. As a general rule in the central area you will pay €2 per hour and in the outer zone the cost is €1. Payment is easy with the ticket machines at sensible intervals accepting Cash or Credit Cards.

Parking Restrictions

Green Zone

In the Green Zone payment is required for weekends, public holidays and the entire months of July and August. Throughout the rest of the year Green Zone parking is Free. Charges are due between 09:00 and 19:00 hours. Lunchtime parking between 12:30 and 14:30 hours is free at anytime.  The maximum you pay is for 8 hours in any day.

Red Zone

In the Red Zone payment is required at all times of the year. Charges are due between 09:00 and 19:00 hours. Lunchtime parking between 12:30 and 14:30 hours is free at anytime.

Parking Fines

Parking fines  approximately equate to the cost of a full days ticket. In my experience the cost doesn’t seem prohibitive however the time and effort required to actually pay any fine is expensive. 

Parking Tips

There is free parking directly in front of the Aqualud  during office hours between 09:00 and 14:30 hours.
If you park outside of the Green Zone on street parking is free. Le Touquet centre is relatively small so it is not that far to walk 

Property Parking

Most of our rental  properties have allocated or on site free parking. Our larger villas have plenty of space for a number of cars. Please check the details for each holiday rental property when making a reservation.

Le Touquet Parking Zones

Le Touquet Parking Zones

Download the full version of this map.

Information provided here is a guide only and may be subject to change by Le Touquet town. Please check local signs before parking. No responsibility can be taken for any fines incurred as a result of information provided here.

If you have any local information or tips you would like to give for parking in Le Touquet then please feel free to add a comment.

Ferry To France

Ferry To France

Getting a Ferry to France is one of the easiest ways to travel to our accommodation in Le Touquet. Our holiday rental properties are within 1 hour of Calais or the Eurotunnel terminal.

Ferry To France Routes

Ferry To Calais
Dover to Calais Ferry
Covered by P & O  and DFDS Ferries. P & O provide a simple and convenient service – up to 46 sailings a day, with a journey time of 90 minutes. Flexible tickets allow you to choose a convenient travel time. 
DFDS operate up to 30 daily sailings, thanks to the addition of 2 new ships on this route, making it more convenient than ever to take the 1 hour 30 minute hop across the channel.
Dover to Dunkirk Car Ferry DFDS are the only operator to offer ferries between Dover and Dunkirk. Taking two hours, and with up to 24 sailings a day. Perfect for a day trip or as the start point of your holiday in Le Touquet. The drive time from Dunkirk to Le Touquet is just over an hour.
Folkestone to Calais (Coquelles) 
Folkestone is the Le Shuttle car passenger terminal. Eurotunnel offers regular trains from the South Coast of England to Calais. With up to 4 crossing an hour taking 35 minutes. Drive onto the train and arrive at your destination in no time.
All operators have a selection of flexible and discount ticket options covering a range of vehicles. On board you’ll find restaurants, cafeterias and a pub. There is ample comfortable seating and a friendly atmosphere in  the lounges. You’ll also find kids’ areas, internet access, a games room/ arcade. P & O serve a fantastic Fish and Chip meal which is always a big hit with families.
Getting to Dover Ferry Terminal.
Dover Ferry Port Dover Eastern Docks, Dover,  Kent  CT16 1JA 
GPS – 51º07.588N   001º19.624E. 

From the A2, follow the signs to Dover port. 
From the M20 motorway, follow the signs to Dover port. 

Leaving Calais Ferry Terminal follow signs for the A16. After a few miles the motorway splits, follow signs for Boulogne and Paris to get to Le Touquet. Continue along the coast on the other fork if travelling to Dunkirk.
Getting To Eurotunnel.
Le Shuttle Eurotunnel Le Shuttle UK Terminal Ashford Road Folkestone CT18 8XX
GPS – 51.093389N 1.119278E
The tunnel has its own motorway exit at junction 11A of the M20 straight into the check-in booths.

Taking A Pet to France.

All operators except pets provided you have the relevant Pet Passport. Pets remain in the car on the car deck throughout your journey. You are not allowed on the car deck for the duration of the voyage. Your pet is in safe hands as the car is labelled with a pet sticker. Crews on the car deck look out for any animals that may be in distress.
Your choice of travel to start your holiday in France is very much a personal one. My advice would be, if you want a relaxed start then take a Ferry, admire the white cliffs of Dover and settle in for a nice meal.
Or if you want to save the relaxation for when you arrive in France. Take the Euortunnel.
When booking accommodation with us we can offer competitive pricing on a Ferry To France. Flexible tickets with P & O can often work out cheaper than booking directly with the ferry operators.
Please enquire for pricing options.

Places to See and Things To Do in Le Touquet

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