Gourmet Dining in Le Touquet

Discover new flavours and taste associations at the Village Suisse Restaurant. Try the Blue Lobster Saint Jacques with Butternut Squash and ginger. Or maybe the Feuillete Champignons es Bois. As the waiter passes by with other dishes it makes it even harder to choose.

Then there is the dessert menu, Pineapple Coco, Chocolate Pear, Rhubarb and Verveine or opt for something simple and refreshing such as the Citron Lemon.

The only problem you will have is deciding what to have from the beautifully presented range of dishes.

Citron-Dessert - Le Touquet
The Village Suisse Restaurant located in the heart of Le Touquet in an area that carries the same name. In 1906 Mr. Perret-Maisonneuve, assisted by the architect Bertrand, built a village on the dunes of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage which was to remind him of Switzerland.
The excellent French European menu is well worth the climb up a few uneven steps. 
In good weather, there is a choice of outside dining on the balcony overlooking the village district of Le Touquet. Or chose the delightful, luxurious dining room inside. 
On a summers evening the balcony location is difficult to beat.
If you are thinking of visiting this restaurant in Le Touquet then I would recommend making a reservation.

The Village Suisse (Swiss Village) Restaurant.

52 Avenue Saint Jean Le Touquet
Call To Book +33 3 21 05 69 93

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