What3Words is a really simple way to talk about a location. 
Every part of the planet has been divided up into 3 metre squares and given a unique 3 word address that will never change. 
For example  ///bathwater.eggplants.summered are the 3 words assigned to the church in the village of St Josse close to our holiday rental. 

Why does this matter?

Three  word addresses are easy to communicate to family and friends and are as accurate as GPS co-ordinates. Post code systems are often not that accurate when a location is hard to find. In France this is even more useful as the Le Touquet postcode  62520 covers the entire town. If you have lost your friends on the beach use what3words to tell them where you are. For example if you said meet me at ///glimpse.stinger.freckled you would be in the middle of the beach in front of the Aqualud water park in Le Touquet.

For Our Guests

Of course  our main reason for telling you about this fun and useful technology is to help our guests find their way to our properties with the minimum of fuss. When you book with us we give you those precious 3 words that will take you right to our door.


How do i use What3Words

There are many ways to use What3Words . The simplest is to download the app from Google Play or the App store. You can can find precise locations very easily. 

For convenience the technology has also been integrated into many other apps and websites – Tom Tom for example has integrated the what3words system into its satellite navigation devices.

You can even just use any web browser to find a location. Simply append your 3 words to the what3words.com domain and you should be sharing a drink with your friends in no time. Use the format below to enter the words into  the url https://what3words.com/glimpse.stinger.freckled

Here are some useful ones while you are staying with us in Le Touquet.

Aqualud Water Park ballroom.vampire.rodents

Equestrian Park vans.reversible.rocker

Airport restoration.turndown.authors

Museum bowlful.dries.filing

Whats your funniest combination of what3words ?  Let us know in the comments below.

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