Le Touquet Weekend

Le Touquet Time To Look Forward

Le Touquet Weekend

If you have not managed a holiday this year why not stay in St Josse Farmhouse and visit Le Touquet? We are booking now for October and onward. Le Touquet is a great place to visit for a family or golf weekend break at any time of year.
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Le Touquet Time Is Now!

It's Official Travel To Le Touquet This Summer

Following today’s UK government announcement lifting quarantine restrictions, summer holidays in France have been given the green light!
As of next Friday, July 10, visitors can travel to and from France from the UK without restrictions. 

With airlines and ferries resuming normal passenger services and French tourism authorities welcoming British visitors, now is the time to hop across the channel to relax in fantastic Le Touquet! 

St Josse Farmhouse – Great Family House – Ideal Location – Sleeps 12:
21st – 24th July
8th – 15th August
Or any dates from the 19th August.

Les Jumeaux
Large Twin House – Ideal for families and golfers –  Sleeps 18
5th – 9th July
10th – 15th August

Don’t delay if you want these dates.

Visit or website for the latest prices and to Book Instantly.

Time to enjoy your French holiday.

Less than an hour from Calais Le Touquet is a perfect family friendly beach destination.

The restaurants and beaches are open so if you haven’t booked accommodation yet don’t delay as we only have a few summer dates still available.




What3Words is a really simple way to talk about a location. 
Every part of the planet has been divided up into 3 metre squares and given a unique 3 word address that will never change. 
For example  ///bathwater.eggplants.summered are the 3 words assigned to the church in the village of St Josse close to our holiday rental. 

Why does this matter?

Three  word addresses are easy to communicate to family and friends and are as accurate as GPS co-ordinates. Post code systems are often not that accurate when a location is hard to find. In France this is even more useful as the Le Touquet postcode  62520 covers the entire town. If you have lost your friends on the beach use what3words to tell them where you are. For example if you said meet me at ///glimpse.stinger.freckled you would be in the middle of the beach in front of the Aqualud water park in Le Touquet.

For Our Guests

Of course  our main reason for telling you about this fun and useful technology is to help our guests find their way to our properties with the minimum of fuss. When you book with us we give you those precious 3 words that will take you right to our door.


How do i use What3Words

There are many ways to use What3Words . The simplest is to download the app from Google Play or the App store. You can can find precise locations very easily. 

For convenience the technology has also been integrated into many other apps and websites – Tom Tom for example has integrated the what3words system into its satellite navigation devices.

You can even just use any web browser to find a location. Simply append your 3 words to the what3words.com domain and you should be sharing a drink with your friends in no time. Use the format below to enter the words into  the url https://what3words.com/glimpse.stinger.freckled

Here are some useful ones while you are staying with us in Le Touquet.

Aqualud Water Park ballroom.vampire.rodents

Equestrian Park vans.reversible.rocker

Airport restoration.turndown.authors

Museum bowlful.dries.filing

Whats your funniest combination of what3words ?  Let us know in the comments below.

Pavement Cafe Society

Le Touquet Cafe Culture

Add Your Heading Text Here

Pavement Cafe Society In Le Touquet

Le Touquet restaurants and bars are opening up in many ways. Temporary permission has been given to extend their terraces onto the curb within the limit of the width of their commercial window. The is applies to the Rue de Moscow, Metz, Londres and Paris. Between the streets of Brussels and St Louis will be pedestrian.

Applicable times are as  follows:

We are pleased to see this and hope that it will bring back the summer vibes of Le Touquet. If you have not booked your summer break with us yet we still have some availability left.
Please check our Book Now page.

Le Touquet Sunshine

Le Touquet Summer

Le Touquet Sunshine

Spring will shortly come to an end and we will all hopefully be enjoying a bit more freedom in the Summer sunshine. Spring has been marked by a period of confinement but France has seen some fantastic blue sky’s.

For the first time in 70 years of meteorological data, Le Touquet in northern France could lead the way in the sunshine records for this period, according to Météo France. Le Touquet has the most hours of sunshine for this period with 706 hours.  Flights are likely to be limited for the foreseeable future so why not start planning your beach holiday in Le Touquet.
Check our availability for July and August.

Sunshine In The Forest

Average Weather In Le Touquet

If you would like to know more about average rainfall, sea and air temperatures in Le Touquet then please check out the location further here.

P & O Ferries Facial Masks


P & O Ferries Facial Masks


P & O ferries will from Wednesday 27th  May 2020 be requesting all freight drivers and passengers to use a face covering at all times whilst on board their vessels, unless eating or drinking. 

Many customers already have their own face covering/mask, and its is requested that they are worn whilst on board the ferries. P & O  appreciate that it may currently be difficult to buy a mask, and therefore until everyone is able to equip themselves, a complimentary facial covering can be provided on request by  P & O.

Le Touquet Beach Is Open

Le Touquet Kite Surfing

Le Touquet Beach Is Open

The beach of Le Touquet-Paris-Plages-de-Calais has just been re-opened under strict conditions.

The beach is accessible to all from 9am to 7pm, but under very strict conditions so that  physical distances are respected.
As  the Pas-de-Calais department is still in the red zone, these measures are essential to limit the spread of the virus.

Thus, the beach of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is divided into three distinct parts:
The Northern part, which remains closed to the public (Baie de Canche Nature Park, dunes, dune paths and Thierry Sabine pine forest forbidden). The Centre part open to the promenade only: (from the Saint Jean II car park to the descent of the Bertrand Lambert nautical base); No staying in one position or putting towels down, no swimming, no beach games, no groups of more than 10 people.
The southern part is open to individual sports (from the descent from the Bertrand Lambert base to Stella): running, kite surfing, windsurfing, paddle, longe-côte; Here too, no static position, no swimming or grouping.

Dogs, even on a leash, are forbidden on the beach.
The accesses/exits to the beach will be by differentiated and one-way flows.

The beach will be monitored to ensure compliance with government and municipal measures: in addition to video surveillance.  Throughout the beach, prevention officers will be present every day between 9am and 7pm, with reinforcements for public holidays and weekends.
The role of these beach ambassadors will be to ensure compliance with the rules. 
They will be identifiable by their T-shirt bearing the logos of the communes of Le Touquet, Cucq, Merlimont and Camiers (which provide the joint beach surveillance service).
They will be in permanent contact with the Centre Rescue Station where two agents will also be in charge of beach surveillance.
This system will be reinforced by ASVP patrols on the seawall and in connection with the National Police services.


Focusing on Positive Emotions

Being Positive In Le Touquet

Positive Emotions

With millions of people the world over entering isolation to fight against the spread of Coronavirus COVID19, the need for positivity becomes even more critical.

From positive emotion springs happiness. Focusing on positive emotions is more than smiling: it is the ability to remain optimistic and view one’s situation from a constructive perspective. While the Coronavirus world makes optimism a challenge, there are things you can do to stay optimistic:

1. Limit your access to social media and news: listen to or read it once a day to keep informed and so that you are not constantly bombarded with bad news – switch off your news feeds, talk radio and email alerts.
2. Take time to appreciate your home and those who are with you: write a daily list of three or more things in and around your at home for which you are grateful and share your gratitude with others.
3. Take time out to properly enjoy your coffee breaks; now is an excellent opportunity to have proper conversations, face-to-face or remotely – steer the conversation away from Coronavirus or agree at the start that it’s a banned topic.
4. Share the joy and satisfaction of others in your home express in their work and play.
5. Take a new perspective on daily tasks such as cooking and look for the joy in spending time preparing something, however simple, for others and yourself.
6. Dream about and plan a holiday – Perhaps in Le Touquet.

Children Le Touquet

Le Touquet Guidebook

Le Touquet Guidebook

The  Free Le Touquet Guidebook is here!

For over a year now we have supplied individual online guidebooks to all of our guests. These books included all the information you need to know for a holiday in Le Touquet. From the wifi code to where is the best place to eat in Le Touquet.

We are pleased to announce the Free Le Touquet  Guide. All the local knowledge, without the accommodation specific information.

The technology has been updated, no more apps to download, no more reliance on your data connection. The Le Touquet Guidebook uses a PWA (Progressive Web App)

“What’s that?” I hear you ask!!

Let’s break it down 🙂

It basically allows guests to add an app icon to their phone, giving them a much faster experience AND offline access

If you go to the link in the at the bottom of this article from a mobile device it will suggest you add to your home screen.

To try it out, load our Le Touquet Guidebook on your phone and then look for the prompt to add the App to your phone. Add it and then look around by tapping the tabs, map, etc.

And there you have it. That’s a PWA! 

We hope you enjoy the Le Touquet Guidebook during your stay with us.

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