3DS2 Payments

3DS2 Credit Card Payment Processing

We are very pleased to announce that in conjunction with our Channel Management and Payment Processing partners we now support  3DS2 security on all payments to Le Touquet Holidays.

Whats 3DS2?

3DS2 provides an additional layer of security for online credit card payments by forcing the merchant to stop and request authentication from the cardholder prior to the transaction completing. European laws now require European banks to support it after  January 1st, 2021.  The UK deadline is September 15th, 2021.

Why is 3DS2 Good For Me?

As a guest, if you are paying for your holiday with us, or making a follow-up payment – the payment process reaches out to your bank for active verification. The payment screens waits for confirmation and cannot complete until the verification has been returned from your mobile app or another device. This might be an SMS message, notification, or email link to click on. Whatever it is, the payment process waits for this to complete prior to moving forward.

Ok, So It’s More Secure But Isn’t It More Hassle For Me?

Actually no, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new set of rules that change how consumers confirm their identity when making online purchases. 

3DS2 enables merchants to offer consumers a seamless, checkout experience whilst increasing the security of their payments. 

The checkout experience is streamlined for a number of reasons.

  • 3DS2 is optimised across all devices including mobile. Enabling transaction confirmation by a simple click on a notification.
  • 3DS2 improves the customer experience by giving more choice over how payments are authenticated.
  • Passive sharing of more data points for each transaction enables issuers to perform better risk analysis. 
  • 3DS2 enables issuers to offer a seamless, payment experience by utilising exemptions.  So for trusted beneficiaries, you may not even be aware of authentication.

In sumary you should find paying for your holiday with us Quicker, Easier and More Secure.

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