3DS2 Payments

Credit Card 3DS2 Payments

3DS2 Credit Card Payment Processing

We are very pleased to announce that in conjunction with our Channel Management and Payment Processing partners we now support  3DS2 security on all payments to Le Touquet Holidays.

Whats 3DS2?

3DS2 provides an additional layer of security for online credit card payments by forcing the merchant to stop and request authentication from the cardholder prior to the transaction completing. European laws now require European banks to support it after  January 1st, 2021.  The UK deadline is September 15th, 2021.

Why is 3DS2 Good For Me?

As a guest, if you are paying for your holiday with us, or making a follow-up payment – the payment process reaches out to your bank for active verification. The payment screens waits for confirmation and cannot complete until the verification has been returned from your mobile app or another device. This might be an SMS message, notification, or email link to click on. Whatever it is, the payment process waits for this to complete prior to moving forward.

Ok, So It’s More Secure But Isn’t It More Hassle For Me?

Actually no, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new set of rules that change how consumers confirm their identity when making online purchases. 

3DS2 enables merchants to offer consumers a seamless, checkout experience whilst increasing the security of their payments. 

The checkout experience is streamlined for a number of reasons.

  • 3DS2 is optimised across all devices including mobile. Enabling transaction confirmation by a simple click on a notification.
  • 3DS2 improves the customer experience by giving more choice over how payments are authenticated.
  • Passive sharing of more data points for each transaction enables issuers to perform better risk analysis. 
  • 3DS2 enables issuers to offer a seamless, payment experience by utilising exemptions.  So for trusted beneficiaries, you may not even be aware of authentication.

In sumary you should find paying for your holiday with us Quicker, Easier and More Secure.

St Josse Farmhouse Floor Plans

St Josse Farmhouse Ground Floor Plan

St Josse Farmhouse - Floor Plans

We are pleased to announce the addition of 3D floor plans to the website for our St Josse Self Catering accommodation.  For many of our holiday guests looking for a rental property, the layout of the rooms and relative sizes can be key.  As a potential guest, we believe that if you have access to a floor plan then it is possible to see at a glance if the property is likely to be suitable for you.

Floor plans are easy to digest and will help our guests visualise the property. 

If you are looking for self catering holiday near Le Touquet for 2021 then why not check our availability and pricing.  

Floor plan images are shown as a graphical representation for layout purposes and may not necessarily reflect actual furnishings and fittings.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Le Touquet Holiday Voucher

Are you are starting to think about Christmas presents for your loved ones? In these difficult times its hard to imagine the season offering a normal Christmas shopping experience.
With many shops closed or locked down its not easy finding a gift for your friends and family. 

Why not give them a surprise experience to look forward to next year.  Treat your loved ones to a fantastic stay in Le Touquet France

 Simply buy an online gift voucher to fulfil their dream of an idyllic holiday or weekend break.  As an added incentive the face value of the Gift Voucher is higher than the price you pay. The more you buy the more you save. You can have the gift card sent directly to the recipient and include a personal message. Surprise them by automatically scheduling delivery of the voucher on a specific day such as a birthday or anniversary.

To purchase a Gift Voucher for a holiday in Le Touquet visit our Gift Voucher Page.

Holiday Voucher Le Touquet €130

Where To Go In October

Autumn Beach le Touquet

Where To Go In October

Welcome to our October Update.
When the leaves change colour, the weather turns colder, and the days get shorter why not plan a short break.
If you’re not quite ready for autumn, try a short trip to Le Touquet!  easily accessible from most major European cities and within easy from the UK.

With the uncertainty of Corona Virus still making travel difficult we are all learning to live and travel safely.
This summer we have seen an increased number of bookings from European guests and i have heard words such as “buzzing” used by some visitors when describing the atmosphere in Le Touquet.
France is not not completely off the map for English people – we would be delighted to welcome you at any time even while the UK quarantine is still active.

For those worried about booking and losing your money due to Corona restriction – don’t be!  

This week we have seen some encouraging news from the insurance industry with Jet2 including cover for countries listed as essential travel only.

I also did my own research for Covid – 19 travel insurance products. I was surprised to find that there are a number of policies available for not much more than your pre covid policy would have cost you. 

So go on get planning and booking, what are you waiting for? Visit our website below to check availability and make a reservation.

Richard Moore

PS. Sign Up to our VIP list to receive a discount on your reservation. 


Le Touquet Guest Book

Le Touquet Parsi Plage Guide Book

Le Touquet Guidebook

For some time we have been providing information about Le Touquet and our houses via the Touchstay guidebook. Guest have found the app to be an invaluable tool for finding out where to go, what to eat and other fun stuff. We also include answers to all the common questions about the house.  How to operate the TV, Turn the Hot Water On,  What’s the Wi-Fi code etc. Its all in the guidebook to give you quick and easy access to this key information so you can get on and enjoy your holiday with us.

Each house has its own specific book and we also offer a general Le Touquet Guidebook. If you want to find out more about our guidebooks watch the video below.

Le Touquet Beach Is Open

Le Touquet Kite Surfing

Le Touquet Beach Is Open

The beach of Le Touquet-Paris-Plages-de-Calais has just been re-opened under strict conditions.

The beach is accessible to all from 9am to 7pm, but under very strict conditions so that  physical distances are respected.
As  the Pas-de-Calais department is still in the red zone, these measures are essential to limit the spread of the virus.

Thus, the beach of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is divided into three distinct parts:
The Northern part, which remains closed to the public (Baie de Canche Nature Park, dunes, dune paths and Thierry Sabine pine forest forbidden). The Centre part open to the promenade only: (from the Saint Jean II car park to the descent of the Bertrand Lambert nautical base); No staying in one position or putting towels down, no swimming, no beach games, no groups of more than 10 people.
The southern part is open to individual sports (from the descent from the Bertrand Lambert base to Stella): running, kite surfing, windsurfing, paddle, longe-côte; Here too, no static position, no swimming or grouping.

Dogs, even on a leash, are forbidden on the beach.
The accesses/exits to the beach will be by differentiated and one-way flows.

The beach will be monitored to ensure compliance with government and municipal measures: in addition to video surveillance.  Throughout the beach, prevention officers will be present every day between 9am and 7pm, with reinforcements for public holidays and weekends.
The role of these beach ambassadors will be to ensure compliance with the rules. 
They will be identifiable by their T-shirt bearing the logos of the communes of Le Touquet, Cucq, Merlimont and Camiers (which provide the joint beach surveillance service).
They will be in permanent contact with the Centre Rescue Station where two agents will also be in charge of beach surveillance.
This system will be reinforced by ASVP patrols on the seawall and in connection with the National Police services.


St Josse – Awarded Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

St Josse Rear - Le Touquet

Trip Advisor

St Josse  Holiday Rental property close to Le Touquet has received the coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. TripAdvisor has given St Josse holiday rental its exclusive Certificate of Excellence accolade – presented to the best of TripAdvisor Rentals’ hundreds of thousands of homes.

The Certificate of Excellence is given annually to those properties that provide consistently outstanding experiences and whose owners offer first-class customer service to their guests.

Owners of St Josse, a home that received the accolade, Richard & Roxanne Moore, said that they are thrilled with the recognition.

“We are very pleased to earn the Certificate of Excellence for our property St Josse. We have listed with TripAdvisor Rentals for many years and we always strive to provide great customer service. It’s great to be rewarded by TripAdvisor Rentals after all of our hard work and it’s wonderful to know that our many guests over the last year have really valued their stay.”

Laurel Greatrix, Communications Director, TripAdvisor Rentals, said: “We’re excited to recognise and honour the top homes and homeowners on our site. This is a hard-earned accolade, and we’d like to thank these property owners for their dedication to providing travellers with consistently outstanding experiences.”

St Josse is available to book direct through our own website. Our site specialises in Apartments and Villas in the Le Touquet area. Travellers, can search, and compare many properties always being assured of a great deal.  We also offer Booking Protection insurance should something go wrong and you need to cancel your holiday.

Le Relais de Saint Josse

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