V2 Rocket Launch Sites near Le Touquet

V1 Doodlebug Rocket

La Coupole Helfaut-Wizernes

An original V2 rocket donated by the US to the Coupole museum.
Original V2 Rocket at La Coupole

V2 Rocket Launch Sites, A Hidden History of Pas-de-Calais.

 The Pas-de-Calais department is rich in history, particularly WW1 and WW2 history, due to the heavy presence of occupying Germans in both conflicts. The WW1 sites are famous, but the French state has also turned the remains of several WW2 sites into historic destinations. In particular, it’s restored the bunkers built as V2 rocket launch sites aimed at England in 1944.   

Barely more than an hour’s drive from Le Touquet, you can visit two fascinating WW2 places in one day.  Both belong to the history of  V2 rockets, the first missiles ever launched. After the war,  Wernher von Braun’s genius but deadly invention became the early rocket technology of the US space program. Most of the V2s that caused so much death and damage in England in September 1944 launched from the Netherlands. However,  the Pas-de-Calais was an experimental and practical site of the V2 rocket programme.

La Coupole: a Megalith for V2s Rocket Launches.

An exterior view of the V2 rocket launch site, the bunker dome at Wizernes, known as La Coupole museum
Exterior View of La Coupole
La Coupole is a spectacular place. Squatting the hills near Saint-Omer, it’s a massive dome that hides an underground bunker made up of large rooms and tunnels that any James Bond villain would enjoy.  Its purpose was deadly: but its construction had been too. Hundreds of slave labourers were used to build what was conceived as one of the main V2 rocket launch sites. In the event, the Germans abandoned the bunker after the Allies bombed it in the summer of 1944,  and it was never used for its purpose.

Nowadays, La Coupole is one of the most ambitious museums in Northern France. This giant concrete dome showcases the scientific and military history of the V2 rockets and a 3D Planetarium about the space age. It also serves as the regional memorial to the victims of Nazi Occupation in France.

A centre to educate and entertain, La Coupole offers several exciting exhibits. It also serves to show documentary films about the Second World War and put on temporary exhibitions.  One such is running until the end of June 2019 – British Aviation in the Skies of Northern France, 1943-1944.  


By far the greatest draw are the V2 rockets circuit and exhibits and the Planetarium. Charting the development of V2 rockets from von Braun’s design board up to the end of the war, the V2 circuit explains and demonstrates early rocket technology. It also explores the historical use of V2s against London and other cities.

The Planetarium screens a 3D show three times a day and picks up where the circuit leaves off, taking the audience from the V2 rockets to the moon landings. To achieve full impact, it is experiential rather than documentary methods, so that you are launched into the exploration of space in 3D, with film, sound and light effects.


Le Blockaus at Eperlecques: hi-tech war in the forest

Bunker at Eperlecques, known as Le Blockaus - V1 and V2 rocket launch site in Pas-de-Calais.
Blockhaus at Eperlecques
Less than half-an-hour from La Coupole, across the Parc Naturel Régional des Caps et Marais d’Opale, is the foreboding concrete block known as Le Blockhaus,  a German word meaning ‘bunker’. Using slave labour, the Germans built the bunker as a launch site for the V1 flying bomb (also known as the Doodlebug), and for the V2 rockets. They abandoned its original purpose after aerial bombardments in the summer of 1944, and converted it into a liquid oxygen factory. 
While less sophisticated than the nearby V2 rocket launch site museum at Wizernes, the Blockhaus demonstrates the reality of the V1 and V2 programme in its harsh reality. 
V1 Doodlebug Rocket

Practical details for your V2 launch sites visits.

La Coupole-Wizernes site diagram by the Allies in September 1944.
Allied diagram of the V2 bunker at Wizernes


  • To La Coupole, Wizernes by car from Le Touquet: via the A16 and the N42 roads. 
  • From La Coupole to Eperlecques Blockhaus by car: via the D943 road. 
  • There is a train from Le Touquet (Etaples) to Saint-Omer, and a shuttle called Moveo from Saint-Omer to La Coupole. 
  • Length of visit: La Coupole history museum average length of visit: 2.5 hours. 
  • Open daily from 9AM to 6PM, and in July and August, from 10AM to 7PM. Closed at Christmas and New Year, and every year between the 7th and the 20th of January. 
  • 3D Planetarium: 3 sessions a day, consisting of a 15 minutes introduction and 30 minutes show. Shows available in English via audio sets. 
  • Blockhaus at Eperlecques: 45 minutes approximately. The area near the bunker is also popular for picnics. 
  • Facilities at La Coupole: audio sets, shop and café, and a free picnic area. 
  • Accessibility: both La Coupole and the Blockhaus d’Eperlecques are accessible to wheelchairs. 
Rocket Storage tunnel in La Coupole bunker at Wizernes, Pas-de-Calais
Ida tunnel at La Coupole, Wizernes

If you find the subject of V1 and V2 fascinating then why not give the 1965 movie “Operation Crossbow” ago. It has a big star cast including Sophia Loren, George Peppard, Trevor Howard. It features the methods used to destroy Hitler’s revenge weapons.

St Josse Farmhouse Floor Plans

St Josse Farmhouse Ground Floor Plan

St Josse Farmhouse - Floor Plans

We are pleased to announce the addition of 3D floor plans to the website for our St Josse Self Catering accommodation.  For many of our holiday guests looking for a rental property, the layout of the rooms and relative sizes can be key.  As a potential guest, we believe that if you have access to a floor plan then it is possible to see at a glance if the property is likely to be suitable for you.

Floor plans are easy to digest and will help our guests visualise the property. 

If you are looking for self catering holiday near Le Touquet for 2021 then why not check our availability and pricing.  

Floor plan images are shown as a graphical representation for layout purposes and may not necessarily reflect actual furnishings and fittings.

Bagatelle Parc Summer Season 2021


Bagatelle Parc - Rang du Fliers

Bagatelle Parc is now scheduled to open on Saturday 24 April 2021
We look forward to discovering the  new attraction.  The Theme Parc is an excellent place to visit if you are staying at one of our properties in Le Touquet.
Bagatelle offers great value for money, the parking is easy and often you won’t wait very long in the queues. 

Parc Bagatelle Le Triops Merlimont

Always delivers, family fun

The Park provides an experience for the whole family. The rides range from massive roller coasters to water and children’s rides. Why not book in advance and save money on your tickets. On hot days there are some great fountains for the kids to splash about in to keep cool.

Find out more…

International Kite Festival at Berck-sur-Mer

Kite Festival Berck sur mer

Kite Festival Berck sur mer

The International Kite Festival has taken place in Berck-sur-Mer for over 25 years. Next year’s 35th  RICV event hopefully will take place in April 2021. The dates are still to be announced due to Covid 19 restrictions.
Over the years it has become an event not to be missed on the Côte d’Opale. For 8 days in wind and sea enthusiasts, athletes or thrill-seekers can admire many giant kites, each with its own unique design. 
Due to the numerous visitors during the festival days and the high demand for accommodation it is recommended to check availability and book rooms well in advance.

A Family Activity Day Out

Almost 700,000 spectators come to the vast Berck-sur-Mer beach to marvel the world’s best kite-makers’ new creations.  Open to everyone, there is entertainment for all ages. Children can learn how to make and fly kites in a safe environment. Marine life, astonishing flying creatures, giant octopuses, even memorable cartoon characters drift across the sky. A colourful festival where you have your feet in the sand and your head in the sky. 

Every Spring, the skies above the beach of Berck-sur-Mer explode with colour. Kites line up in well orchestrated displays for the crowds.  Berck-sur-Mer is pretty seaside town 40 minutes from Calais. Is is also a short 25 mins drive from our holiday rental accommodation in Le Touquet. The Kite Festival takes place on the beautiful sandy beach, its a great thing to do for all members of the family young and old. If you can’t make it to the event then why not peek at the Live Webcam on the beach.

Things to See

One of the favourite things to see at the Berck sur Mer kite festival are the flying battles between experts. International teams from all over the world come to take part in this colourful spectacular. On the last evening there is a night time flying display backed up with a firework show. There are many stalls at the event with Kites from many countries. Learn the history of kites or feast on the explosion of colour.
There are fantastic activities for kids. You not only make kites but get to have a go at flying some of the more exotic designs yourself.  .  For more information about the event visit the organisers website.
Kites Berck Plage

Le Touquet is a great base for visiting the Kite Festival and local attractions. Go swimming in the Aqualud, visit the Aquarium in Boulogne (Nausica)  try some Sand yachting in Le Touquet, visit the maze at Laby’Parc.

Berck sur Mer Kite Festival Accommodation

If you are coming to the kite festival we currently have plenty of accommodation in Le Touquet just 25 minutes drive away.

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Le Touquet Holiday Voucher

Are you are starting to think about Christmas presents for your loved ones? In these difficult times its hard to imagine the season offering a normal Christmas shopping experience.
With many shops closed or locked down its not easy finding a gift for your friends and family. 

Why not give them a surprise experience to look forward to next year.  Treat your loved ones to a fantastic stay in Le Touquet France

 Simply buy an online gift voucher to fulfil their dream of an idyllic holiday or weekend break.  As an added incentive the face value of the Gift Voucher is higher than the price you pay. The more you buy the more you save. You can have the gift card sent directly to the recipient and include a personal message. Surprise them by automatically scheduling delivery of the voucher on a specific day such as a birthday or anniversary.

To purchase a Gift Voucher for a holiday in Le Touquet visit our Gift Voucher Page.

Holiday Voucher Le Touquet €130

Where To Go In October

Autumn Beach le Touquet

Where To Go In October

Welcome to our October Update.
When the leaves change colour, the weather turns colder, and the days get shorter why not plan a short break.
If you’re not quite ready for autumn, try a short trip to Le Touquet!  easily accessible from most major European cities and within easy from the UK.

With the uncertainty of Corona Virus still making travel difficult we are all learning to live and travel safely.
This summer we have seen an increased number of bookings from European guests and i have heard words such as “buzzing” used by some visitors when describing the atmosphere in Le Touquet.
France is not not completely off the map for English people – we would be delighted to welcome you at any time even while the UK quarantine is still active.

For those worried about booking and losing your money due to Corona restriction – don’t be!  

This week we have seen some encouraging news from the insurance industry with Jet2 including cover for countries listed as essential travel only.

I also did my own research for Covid – 19 travel insurance products. I was surprised to find that there are a number of policies available for not much more than your pre covid policy would have cost you. 

So go on get planning and booking, what are you waiting for? Visit our website below to check availability and make a reservation.

Richard Moore

PS. Sign Up to our VIP list to receive a discount on your reservation. 


Le Touquet Weekend

Le Touquet Time To Look Forward

Le Touquet Weekend

If you have not managed a holiday this year why not stay in St Josse Farmhouse and visit Le Touquet? We are booking now for October and onward. Le Touquet is a great place to visit for a family or golf weekend break at any time of year.
Book or Find Out More

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Le Touquet Guest Book

Le Touquet Parsi Plage Guide Book

Le Touquet Guidebook

For some time we have been providing information about Le Touquet and our houses via the Touchstay guidebook. Guest have found the app to be an invaluable tool for finding out where to go, what to eat and other fun stuff. We also include answers to all the common questions about the house.  How to operate the TV, Turn the Hot Water On,  What’s the Wi-Fi code etc. Its all in the guidebook to give you quick and easy access to this key information so you can get on and enjoy your holiday with us.

Each house has its own specific book and we also offer a general Le Touquet Guidebook. If you want to find out more about our guidebooks watch the video below.

Le Touquet Time Is Now!

It's Official Travel To Le Touquet This Summer

Following today’s UK government announcement lifting quarantine restrictions, summer holidays in France have been given the green light!
As of next Friday, July 10, visitors can travel to and from France from the UK without restrictions. 

With airlines and ferries resuming normal passenger services and French tourism authorities welcoming British visitors, now is the time to hop across the channel to relax in fantastic Le Touquet! 

St Josse Farmhouse – Great Family House – Ideal Location – Sleeps 12:
21st – 24th July
8th – 15th August
Or any dates from the 19th August.

Les Jumeaux
Large Twin House – Ideal for families and golfers –  Sleeps 18
5th – 9th July
10th – 15th August

Don’t delay if you want these dates.

Visit or website for the latest prices and to Book Instantly.

Time to enjoy your French holiday.

Less than an hour from Calais Le Touquet is a perfect family friendly beach destination.

The restaurants and beaches are open so if you haven’t booked accommodation yet don’t delay as we only have a few summer dates still available.




What3Words is a really simple way to talk about a location. 
Every part of the planet has been divided up into 3 metre squares and given a unique 3 word address that will never change. 
For example  ///bathwater.eggplants.summered are the 3 words assigned to the church in the village of St Josse close to our holiday rental. 

Why does this matter?

Three  word addresses are easy to communicate to family and friends and are as accurate as GPS co-ordinates. Post code systems are often not that accurate when a location is hard to find. In France this is even more useful as the Le Touquet postcode  62520 covers the entire town. If you have lost your friends on the beach use what3words to tell them where you are. For example if you said meet me at ///glimpse.stinger.freckled you would be in the middle of the beach in front of the Aqualud water park in Le Touquet.

For Our Guests

Of course  our main reason for telling you about this fun and useful technology is to help our guests find their way to our properties with the minimum of fuss. When you book with us we give you those precious 3 words that will take you right to our door.


How do i use What3Words

There are many ways to use What3Words . The simplest is to download the app from Google Play or the App store. You can can find precise locations very easily. 

For convenience the technology has also been integrated into many other apps and websites – Tom Tom for example has integrated the what3words system into its satellite navigation devices.

You can even just use any web browser to find a location. Simply append your 3 words to the what3words.com domain and you should be sharing a drink with your friends in no time. Use the format below to enter the words into  the url https://what3words.com/glimpse.stinger.freckled

Here are some useful ones while you are staying with us in Le Touquet.

Aqualud Water Park ballroom.vampire.rodents

Equestrian Park vans.reversible.rocker

Airport restoration.turndown.authors

Museum bowlful.dries.filing

Whats your funniest combination of what3words ?  Let us know in the comments below.

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